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Typical Visit

Typical Day/Visit

Patients will present to our clinic as outlined in their treatment plan. Patients will enter the clinic and check in at our self-service kiosk. The kiosk provides instructions for any required tasks that must be completed before medication administration can occur (i.e. report to reception, see counselor, complete urine drug screen).

Once all required tasks are complete (urine drug screen etc. is finished), patients will have a seat in our waiting area and await their dosing notification.  Patients are placed in order from initial check in or once other tasks are complete.  Patient identification numbers will be announced overhead and patients will present to one of the four private dosing booths. Once inside the private dosing booth, patients will use their fingerprint for identification and verbally confirm their patient identification number and medication (Methadone or Suboxone) dose. Patients will receive their medication dose as appropriate. The dose will be consumed in the presence of a nurse. Once complete, the visit is finished and if no counseling appointments or other needs are scheduled to be addressed that day, the patient is free to go.

For those on Vivitrol a follow up appointment is made with the nurse and patients are administered their medication in our private lab.


Meeting with a substance abuse counselor is a mandatory part of treatment and is an essential part of you reaching your goals in recovery. ASAP offers both individual and group counseling. The type of counseling and frequency that you receive will be determined through collaboration between you and ASAP treatment staff as well as clinical recommendation.