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How do I get in contact with the Clinic Director?

Addiction Services And Pharmacotherapy's (ASAP) Clinic Director is Mr. Michael York.  You may contact the clinics direct line of the Madison Clinic at (608)807-1428 and leave a message if he is unavailable at that time.  Make sure to leave your name, contact number and a brief message.  Mr. York strives to return phone calls same day.  However, up to 48 hours can be expected depending on his schedule and the nature of the inquire.  If Mr. York is on vacation, you may be offered an alternative member of the management team to address your need.  In this case it may be up to 1 week after his return from vacation before you hear from him.  If this is an emergency we encourage you to call 911.

How do I get in contact with my Counselor?

You may contact your counselor by calling the main line of the Madison ASAP Clinic at (608)807-1428. 

You may by the phone:
                - leave a message with the receptionist for a return call.  Please be prepared to leave your name, contact number and brief reason for you call.
                - be transferred to the counselor voice mail.  Again, be ready to clearly leave you name, number and a brief reason for you call.

You may while in the clinic:
               - leave a message with staff or the receptionist.  If the counselor is in session they are not available to answer questions or deal with your issues.  As with your counseling sessions we do not interrupt this time to relay messages.

You can expect:
               - your phone call to be returned typically within 24 hours.

How do I get in contact with the Medical Doctor?

Addressing patient concerns related to their treatment is a priority for the Physicians and medical staff at ASAP.  Please contact your counselor first regarding your medical need or concern (See how do I contact my counselor).  You may also leave a message with reception who will pass this along to counseling as well.  Counselors schedule and coordinate all medical follow up appointments at ASAP.  They will address this with Medical and either return a message, direct you to care in the community if warranted, or arrange for follow up with one of our physicians.  If this is an emergency please contact 911.

How do I contact the Madison Clinic Client Rights Specialist?

Please contact the clinic at (608)807-1428 and ask for the Client Rights Specialist.  If they are not available please leave a message with your name and contact number on their personal and secure voice mail.   ASAP takes patient issues and concerns seriously and will return your call promptly.  Morgyn Steinbrecher is the current Client Rights Specialist for ASAP Madison.

Who do I contact if I'm interested in treatment?

Call or direct line at (608)807-1428.  If this is an emergency or you are in a crisis situation please call 911.  By calling our direct line you will be put in touch with one of our staff that can begin the screening process for admission.  This would include insurance coverage if you possess this, prescreen admission and if acceptable for this level care based on state and federal guidelines, scheduling of your admission consult.

What if I want to discontinue my medication-assisted treatment plan?

Patients may choose to stop treatment whenever they wish, but it is best to continue treatment until the patient is truly able to understand their addiction and feels ready and safe to leave the program.

How do I get in touch with Nursing staff?

If you're in the clinic that's easy.  Ask if the nursing staff is free to speak with you while in the clinic.  If not leave a message for one of them to get back to you.  Be ready to leave your name, phone number and brief message.  If you deem this an emergency please dial 911 or if in the clinic have the staff assist you.



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