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Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol Treatment Clinic in Madison, WI

Accessibility access for ASAP Clinic - Madison

Persons with disabilities access

Individuals with special needs for ambulation will have no issues gaining access to treatment in the Madison ASAP Opioid Treatment Clinic.  The clinic has handicap parking directly in front of the main entrance.  The clinic itself is located on the first floor with low door seals and thresholds.  Our patients a this clinic are already easily moving about on crutches, wheeled assistive walking devices and wheelchairs.

Persons with English as a second language

ASAP has access to language services in the event that a patient seeking treatment does not speak English or English is a second language an they are not sufficiently fluent to engage in treatment with their second language.  Please contact the clinic in advance so that special arrangements can be made  and insurance verification can be completed before the visit.

Families and Single Mothers with Children

ASAP is completely aware of some of the barriers that might detour individuals from treatment.  ASAP has a designated "KIDDY AREA" to help entertain young children when the situation arises.  Our Clinic has a designated area just for families with children and includes interactive tablets (Kids Kendal's) with games, cartoons and learning activities. Use of this area requires parent or guardian supervision.  Children must be supervised by the parent or guardian while in the clinic.  ASAP and its staff do not offer child sitting or babysitting services.

Facility Location - Madison ASAP

The Madison ASAP Clinic is conveniently located right off the Madison Belt Line.  Exit John Nolan Drive and proceed 2 blocks to Olin Ave.  Turn right at Olin Ave and proceed to 210 E Olin Ave on the right hand side of the street.  Reserved thirty minute parking is available adjacent to the clinic entrance as well as ample surrounding parking around the building.

Treatment for heroin addiction is possible

If you or a loved one are suffering, please contact us.