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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Job Description: Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC-It, SAC, CSAC)


The Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor is a professional who provides direct care to patients by providing evidence-based counseling to individuals with substance use  disorders. Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors will also be required to provide case management in order to ensure that patients are receiving care for identified issues that are not able to be addressed under the scope of the addiction clinic.



  • Facilitates individual counseling sessions as clinically indicated and in accordance with Federal, State, ASAP, and CARF requirements under clinical supervision and provides dual diagnosed patients the opportunity address needs of both addiction and mental health.
  • Facilitates group counseling sessions as assigned by the clinical supervisor under the supervision of the clinical supervisor.
  • Is responsible to produce and maintain accurate and thorough treatment records in accordance with Federal, State and CARF guidelines.
  • Conducts initial and annual biopsychosocial assessments with patients within prescribed time frames and assists in assessing presenting concerns and symptoms for dual diagnosed patients.
  • Works with patients to produce initial and updated treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s individual treatment needs.
  • Works with an interdisciplinary team both within ASAP and with outside agencies to ensure a holistic approach to patient care.
  • Work with outside agencies to coordinate patent care to both patients being admitted to the program and patients leaving the program.
  • Continually evaluates patient needs and works as a case manager to ensure that patients receive continuity of care for all identified treatment needs by coordinating mental health referrals in assessing the immediacy of patient needs, level of service required and appropriateness of service.
  • Is responsible for the protection of the rights and confidentiality of all patients that are served. Will ensure that all patients are treated with respect, dignity and free from any discrimination.
  • Actively work with patients to develop an aftercare plan.
  • Provides an additional level of crisis intervention and de-escalation with dual diagnosed patients as needed.
  • May be required to work with patients to coordinate insurance benefits with patient care.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education/ Licensure/ Experience

  • Associate's degree from accredited college or university required
  • Holds a current Substance Abuse Counselling Credential (SAC-It, SAC, CSAC) 
  • 2 years previous experience in substance abuse counseling or mental health counseling preferred but not required.         

Job Requirements

  • Working knowledge and understanding of addiction treatment including Narcotic Maintenance Treatment and behavioral healthcare.
  • The ability to effectively communicate with a variety of groups of people with respect and courtesy
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office based programs
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 25Lbs. and an ability to move throughout the clinic premises
  • Ability to change positions from sitting to standing multiple times throughout the day without pain or difficulty.



  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401k
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Flex Spending Account

Work Hours

  • Monday-Friday 5am to 1pm
  • Occasional Saturdays and Sundays 5:45am to 9:15am on a rotating basis

Work Hours

  • Monday-Friday 5am to 1pm
  • Occasional Saturdays and Sundays 5:45am to 9:15am on a rotating basis

Please call 608-807-1428 for more information or send a Resume to [email protected]